The Importance of a Primary Care Doctor
By Russak Personalized Medicine
August 12, 2019
Category: Medical

If you are relatively healthy and you don’t need medication then you may not think too much about the importance of having a doctor or primary physician; however, it’s important that everyone, no matter their current health status, has a doctor like our Greenwood Village, CO, primary care doctor Dr. Floyd Russak that they can turn to for preventive medicine and to treat problems when they do eventually arise.

The Importance of a Primary Care Physician

Along with providing comprehensive medical care, there are a variety of benefits that patients of all ages will receive when they have a primary doctor by their side. Don’t wait until you are sick to start looking for a doctor. Doing the legwork now can protect you in the future.

One major benefit of having a family doctor is that you can get all the preventive screenings, vaccinations and other care you need to reduce your risk for developing certain acute and chronic illnesses. If certain health problems run in your family it’s important that you have a doctor that you can turn to, to provide you with the care you need to prevent it from happening to you.

You can also get immediate medical attention without having to make an unnecessary and expensive trip to the emergency room. While there are certain conditions like a heart attack or stroke that require a 911 call or a trip to the nearest ER, if you don’t have a regular physician that you turn to then every problem you face, whether an emergency or not, may require you to waste more time and money at an urgent care clinic or ER when you don’t need to.

Why Russak Personalized Medicine

Russak Personalized Medicine in Greenwood Village, CO, is a personalized medicine membership practice that provides patients with customized and personalized healthcare. We spend more time with our patients, not making them feel rushed in their visit or like they are just another number. Having a doctor that you can turn to in order to meet all your needs can provide you with the comprehensive preventive care you need to avoid costly treatments and chronic conditions.

Here we don’t believe in making patients wait around for the care they need. Along with same-day and next-day appointments, we also provide comprehensive visits that won’t make you feel rushed. Dr. Russak provides you with his own personal mobile number so you have a doctor at your disposal 24/7, giving you peace of mind about you and your family’s health.  Although an annual fee may be required for Dr. Russak's practice, his partners are available without any membership commitment. 

Find out about Dr. Russak's Personalized Medicine practice by calling Kimberly at 303-856-5989 or online through the practice’spatient portal. Start getting the quality medical care you deserve.


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