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Medical Assistant for Heather Whiting, MMS, PAC

Andie was born and raised here in Colorado. She graduated from high school at Alameda High School and from Concorde College with her Medical Assistant degree. She has worked with Dr. Russak and Heather for over 10 years. She is an expert at doing EKGs, spirometry, ear irrigation, and other testings. She manages the office on Wednesdays. In her free me, she enjoys reading, playing volleyball, NACAR, country music and spending me with her 2 teenaged children.



Medical Office Manager and Concierge Medical Assistant for Floyd Russak, MD

Katie is a native of Colorado and attended Denver South High School graduating in 2005. She then attended Concorde Career College where she received her medical assisting degree and Metro State where she received her EMT basic license, both in 2008. Katie has worked in the medical field for the last 11 years as a medical assistant and also as a medical office manager. Her strengths are patient care testing including ECG's, spirometers, balance testing, memory testing, and circulation testing, wound care and minor surgical procedures, phlebotomy, patient interaction, and administrative tasks to run the office. She is married with 2 children, Aidan and Alijah. In her free me she is a volunteer with the Denver Zoo and works with the rhino and the primates. She also enjoys going to concerts, traveling with her family, playing darts and her two dogs, Apollo and Lou.



Front Desk Manager and Concierge Administrative Assistant for Floyd Russak, MD

Kimberly was born and raised in Colorado. She graduated from Arvada High School in 2005 and then continued her education at Everest College where she gained an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy. Her career since then for the past 10 years has been with Dr. Russak as a phlebotomist/medical assistant and also a front desk administrative manager. She loves to be at the center of patient care and enjoys performing administrative duties for the front desk and performing blood draws. She also likes to engage with patients in the back office where she can perform other testing including EKG's, minor surgical procedures, spirometry, and injections. She is married and has 3 boys Brendan, Ethan, and Zayden. In her free time, she loves to read any genre of books, go for long walks or hiking and attends lots of sports functions and games for her boys. She is currently planning a bucket list for her future travels including Italy where some of her family is from.


Emily Hall, OTR/L, LAC.

Emily studied Biology and Occupational Therapy at Concordia University-WI. Emily's career began as an Occupational Therapist with experience across many treatment settings. However, it was from personal experience Emily learned effective, affordable methods for recovering from chronic pain and illness. Fueled by the passion to help others, Emily pursued her Acupuncture degree at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and extensive training in Manual Therapies and osteopathic techniques. Emily believes that her mentors and traveling has been her best teachers. Her treatments include acupuncture, diet-lifestyle education, manual therapy; herbal or homeopathic medicine.

Emily loves treating children and adults. Her specialties are acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues and internal pain, such as headaches/migraines, women's health, and digestive complaints in adults. In children, she treats digestive complaints, chronic or recurrent upper respiratory issues, speech and swallowing disorders and developmental issues, such as learning disabilities, sensory integration disorders and autism. She is licensed as both an Acupuncturist and Occupational Therapist. Currently, she is providing Early Intervention (birth-3yrs) services and working in the office of Dr. Russak. She is a teaching assistant for the Upledger Institute.

When Emily is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children. Emily is a Cub Scout Den leader and Mother of 3 Scouts. She loves cooking, hiking, and QiGong. She reads extensively and has mountains of anatomy, Chinese medicine, herbals and other non-fiction books on the go at all times. Her motivation for her work is propelled by her passion for International travel.

Susan Hartman


My approach to counseling is motivated by a deep desire to come alongside those who are suffering and in need. So often, our pain leads us to a place of isolation and loneliness. We come to believe that our pain is the result of some deep flaw within us that must be hidden from others. Your suffering is not an indication of your unworthiness.

Human beings are imperfect ā€“ and life can be tough! Be courageous enough to try again ā€“ with the help of an advocate. I amSusan Hartman passionate about helping each person on their unique journey to hope and healing. I am an expert in utilizing my training and skills to assist you in moving to a place of strength, hope and renewed vision for your life. Relationships can be challenging ā€“ friendships, marriage, parenting, family dynamics. As a therapist and as a human being, I get it. My own relationship with my spouse and children have brought steep learning curves, and Iā€™m still learning. You can, too! The challenges will keep coming as long as you live, but you can choose to move through the pain to wholeness. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you as you move forward to reclaim your life and meet its demands with new energy and purpose.

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2001. I have completed specialized training in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and in clinical supervision. I live in southeast Denver with my husband and our dog. We relocated to the Denver area from Richmond, Virginia in 2016. I love living in Colorado and being able to enjoy the gorgeous Rocky Mountains throughout the year. I am a mother of two adult children. In my personal time, I enjoy reading, writing and music and love to spend quality time with good friends. My travel over the years has allowed me to experience the richness of various cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, developing in me an appreciation for people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I believe there is a tremendous value in the therapeutic process and am excited about being part of the network of therapists in the area.


Taraz Martinez ,DNM,BMD,DSM,Acupuncturist, LMT

Taraz Martinez , DNM, BMD, DSM, Acupuncturist, LMT ancestral roots date back to the 15th Century. Her ancestors came to the New World from Spain and Mexico through the Onate Expedition. Dr. Martinez grew up in Pueblo and Chama Colorado. She received her BA from the University of Southern Colorado in Behavioral Science in 1978. She graduated from Oriental Healing Arts Institute with a certificate in Massage Therapy in 2006. She is a 2012 graduate of The Colorado School for Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Masters in Acupuncture. She received her Doctorates in Natural Medicine, Bioenergetic Medicine, and Sacred Medicine in April 2018 through IBEM in Centennial, Co.

Dr. Martinez became involved in holistic medicine due to many health challenges in her life. The first challenge occurred when she was a seven-year-old. Her parents were informed she was terminal due to kidney disease. Taraz experienced her first holistic water treatment when she was given the liquid of a Catholic Saint whose name was Saint Walpurga. After this experience, she began to improve. At the age of twenty-two, Taraz's life again changed dramatically. She was diagnosed with an Environmental Illness. She was housebound for a total of 4 years. After getting treated by Dr. Collier, MD, and Dr. Nicholas Nonas, MD Taraz was able to pursue a successful acting and music career. 

It was during this second bout of Environmental illness that Dr. Martinez began to study with earnest the body, mind, and spirit connection in regards to health. After over twenty years of self-study in the arena of holistic medicine Taraz felt a strong calling from the spirit to use her experiences to help others. She then returned to school to serve those most in need. Dr. Taraz aligns her practices and beliefs as a practitioner of holistic medicine with concepts found in Functional Medicine and Vitalism. Taraz Martinez, DNM, DBM, DSM, Acupuncturist, LMT, is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado. 

As part of her clinical model, Taraz will become your Lifestyle Coach. The secret she feels is simple to; "Educate patients and empower them to make choices. Patients have all the tools inside to heal themselves. Practitioners are only a conduit to their healing." 

Interests and Hobbies: Spiritual Studies, Spending time with La Familia, Reading, cake decorating, Travel, Fine Art, Music, Acting, organic gardening, Movies, Herbs, Singing, Home Visits, Walking in nature.


Regina Topelson


Regina is a Registered Dietician and an Integrative Nutritionist who uses functional medicine to address health concerns. Regina TopelsonFunctional medicine is a system of looking at each person individually through a truly personalized approach to health, discovering the root causes of a person's ailments, instead of focusing on their symptoms. When the root causes are eliminated, the symptoms are eliminated as well. Your nutritional needs are as unique as your personality and both are a result of the environment you've been exposed too. 

Whether your health issues are related to digestive problems (Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, SIBO, food allergies or sensitivities) chronic illness (diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia), or an auto-immune condition (MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid Disease, or cancer) Regina can help you heal.

Regina believes food IS medicine. She will work with you to naturally help you heal using diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

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