Holistic Medicine

What Is Holistic Medicine?

When people think of health they often think about how they physically feel. Are they dealing with a chronic health problem? Are they fighting a cold? We often base our health on how our organs and systems are functioning, but there is so much more to think about than that.

Holistic medicine offers primary medical care to help improve all facets of your life, from physical health to even emotional and spiritual elements, as well. How you feel affects your health. While we may not always consider this, it’s important to step back and understand that our emotional wellbeing can play into how good we feel and how well our bodies function. In holistic medicine, everything is interconnected and our goal is to focus on treating the whole person rather than just one specific part.

Holistic medicine provides a variety of healing methods, from traditional treatment options that you’ve come to know to alternative therapies that could also provide the relief you’ve been looking for. Consider it this way, when you come in for holistic care you won’t just walk out with a prescription to tackle your symptoms, we will also look at your lifestyle, diet, stress, mental health conditions and spirituality to determine if any of these everyday elements could be tweaked to improve your health symptoms.

While medications and other options may help manage your symptoms, they don’t always treat the underlying problem. By identifying what lifestyle changes to make, you could end up getting rid of your symptoms altogether.

Common practices of holistic medication include providing the education patients needs to make modifications to their daily lives and activities to improve on their symptoms and conditions. We may determine that exercising more could help reduce your stress levels or that your current diet might be causing your frequent headaches.

Along with the common traditional medications and surgeries we provide here at Russak Personalized Medicine, we can also recommend alternative treatment options such as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and homeopathy, just to name a few. The goal of Russak Personalized Medicine is to provide comprehensive medical care to you and your family that benefits you mind, body and spirit.

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