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4 Invaluable Benefits of Concierge Medicine

The typical physician has roughly 2,000 patients under their care, according to the American Association of Physician Leadership, with the average visit lasting about 15 minutes. High patient volume that leaves limited time to spend with each patient is one reason patients find that the traditional medicine model leaves a lot to be desired.  

Concierge medicine is a patient-centered approach that provides personalized, comprehensive care. Russak Personalized Medicine offers highly customized medical care with a patient-first model in a concierge medicine environment. 

Our skilled health care team is led by board-certified physicians devoted to excellence in patient care. Concierge medicine is an excellent choice for patients seeking a more individualized approach to health care. Read on to discover some unique advantages of concierge medicine. 

#1: Personalized care tailored to you

At Russak Personalized Medicine, we believe that personalized care transforms the patient experience. A patient-centered approach elevates the one-size-fits-all standard health care model to one tailored to each patient’s needs.

The concierge care model allows for stronger patient-doctor relationships that go beyond treating symptoms. Patients who choose our concierge program benefit from extended consultations at which their health concerns and questions are addressed thoroughly. 

This individualized strategy is particularly beneficial for patients with complex health needs. Additionally, concierge medicine provides a continuity of care that ensures consistent health strategies to keep you on the path to optimal wellness. 

#2: Comprehensive preventive care

In concierge medicine, patients benefit from comprehensive health screenings, lifestyle assessments, and personalized wellness plans designed to identify risk factors and address them early on. 

This emphasis on prevention extends beyond traditional check-ups to include:

This approach can help you stay healthy and strong and reach long-term health goals.

#3: Enhanced access to care

Because our concierge physicians see fewer patients, they can devote more time to each visit. This eliminates rushed appointments and enables more time for in-depth visits. Our concierge program visits are scheduled for 45-90 minutes. 

Our program provides a seamless solution for receiving prompt health care without the inconvenience of booking weeks in advance. The struggle of aligning your busy life with an appointment several weeks away is a frustration you can leave behind with concierge medicine.  

Our program ensures timely access to health care services that accommodate your personal schedule. This model of care simplifies the process of arranging consultations and guarantees immediate attention for your medical needs. 

Should you require an in-person assessment or treatment, rest assured that you'll be able to meet with your Russak Personalized Medicine provider in a timely manner. Our concierge members enjoy same-day and next-day appointments. 

#4: Collaboration and coordinated care

Your concierge medicine physician is a key part of your health journey. Because comprehensive care often involves collaboration with various specialists, our concierge physicians can provide referrals to experts, assist with appointment scheduling, and collaborate to optimize your care. The goal is to simplify the health care process so that you receive the treatment you need without delays.

Our concierge membership program blends medical knowledge with customized service to create an enhanced health care experience. To learn more about our concierge services, and to schedule a visit with a Russak Personalized Medicine provider, contact our office in Greenwood, Colorado, to schedule a visit.

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