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How to Prevent Prediabetes From Turning Into Full-Blown Diabetes

How to Prevent Prediabetes From Turning Into Full-Blown Diabetes

More than 88 million Americans currently have prediabetes. This figure isn't merely a statistic — it represents individual lives standing at a crossroads of health. However, a prediabetes diagnosis isn't an inevitable sentence of diabetes. It's a wake-up call, signaling a chance to steer your health journey in a new, healthier direction.

At Russak Personalized Medicine in Greenwood Village, Colorado, our team is committed to guiding you on this transformative journey. Our approach, rooted in the latest scientific research, aims to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to prevent the progression from pre-diabetes to Type 2 diabetes.

Understanding prediabetes

Type 2 diabetes rarely occurs suddenly. Instead, the body develops a decreased sensitivity to the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin. As the body becomes insulin-resistant, blood sugar levels rise. 

For a while, blood glucose rises above normal, but not high enough to be a diabetes diagnosis. This stage is crucial, as effective interventions can significantly alter your health trajectory, preventing the escalation of prediabetes into diabetes.

Lifestyle changes  diet and exercise

One of the most powerful tools in your prevention arsenal is a healthy lifestyle. Central to this is a balanced diet that's low in processed foods and sugars and rich in fiber, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. This could be as straightforward as replacing refined grains with whole ones or incorporating more colorful vegetables into your meals.

Exercise is another vital component. Strive to incorporate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise into your weekly routine. 

This could include brisk walks, cycling, swimming, or any activity that you enjoy that raises your heart rate. Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and improves insulin sensitivity, both crucial in managing blood sugar levels.

Weight management

Evidence shows that even modest weight loss can significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. A weight loss of just 5-7% can cut your diabetes risk by more than half. Implementing an effective weight management plan, custom-tailored to your unique health needs and lifestyle, is a critical aspect of diabetes prevention.

Regular monitoring and checkups

Consistent health screenings are crucial to monitor your blood sugar levels and ensure the effectiveness of your preventive measures. Regular checkups enable timely adjustments to your lifestyle or treatment plan as required, ensuring you stay on track.

Mental health and stress management

While physical health is critical, it's essential not to overlook your mental well-being. Stress can adversely impact blood sugar levels, making stress management an integral part of prediabetes management. This could mean practicing mindfulness, yoga, deep-breathing exercises, or any form of relaxation that works best for you. 

With the right strategies and commitment, you can transform the prediabetes warning into a steppingstone toward better health. Count on Russak Personalized Medicine to help you reach and maintain your health goals, including reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. For top-quality personalized medicine, give us a call at 303-317-5012 or book an appointment online today with Russak Personalized Medicine.

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