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I’m Having Terrible Menopause Symptoms; What Can Help?

 I’m Having Terrible Menopause Symptoms; What Can Help?

Each year more than 2 million women reach menopause — defined as starting 12 months after your last period. While this is a natural phase, it isn’t without distressing symptoms that can significantly affect the way you feel and function.

What’s more, symptoms can begin years before you officially reach menopause. In fact, perimenopause is a transition period when hormones fluctuate wildly, and this can cause severe symptoms. While lifestyle changes can help ease symptoms, hormone replacement therapy is the most effective treatment.

Russak Family Medicine offers EvexiPEL, a form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Treatment can ease uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms so that you feel like yourself again. 

How menopause symptoms can affect you

While vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats are the most commonly discussed symptoms, menopause can cause an array of symptoms that affect you physically, cognitively, and emotionally. These include:

Many women report that they just don’t feel like themselves. 

BHRT restores hormonal balance

EvexiPEL is a bioidentical hormone replacement treatment that helps to restore hormonal balance. Some advantages include:

Customized to individual needs

EvexiPEL is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It starts with comprehensive testing to understand your specific hormonal imbalances. Based on these results, your Russak Family Medicine provider can precisely tailor treatment to match your body's unique hormone levels. 

This personalized approach ensures that you receive the exact amount of hormones you need, minimizing the risks of over- or under-treatment.

Natural hormone composition

EvexiPEL is bioidentical, which means the hormones are chemically identical to the hormones your body makes. This similarity means that they’re more easily recognized and utilized by your body, potentially reducing the risk of side effects often associated with synthetic hormones. Women often report that these natural hormones result in a more “balanced” feeling compared with synthetic alternatives.

Convenience and sustained release

EvexiPEL delivers hormones in the form of a small, convenient pellet inserted under the skin. Once in place, the pellet slowly releases hormones into the bloodstream over several months. 

This method provides a steady, consistent supply of hormones, avoiding the fluctuations in hormone levels that can occur with pills or creams. The sustained release means you don’t have to worry about daily dosages, making it a convenient option for busy lifestyles.

Women who opt for EvexiPEL often report a significant reduction in menopausal symptoms, often within a few weeks. 

Is EvexiPEL right for you?

It’s essential to determine if EvexiPEL is the right choice for you. Our team can assess your symptoms, medical history, and hormone levels to determine if EvexiPEL fits your needs. To get started and learn more, call 303-317-5012  to schedule a consultation at our Greenwood Village, Colorado, office. We also have offices in Littleton, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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