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Understanding Holistic Care

Do you have mild hypertension and asthma? Do you wish to manage these conditions and feel better about your life? If so, holistic care from Russak Personalized Medicine may be for you. Here at our Greenwood Village office, your primary care doctor, Dr. Floyd Russak, helps scores of people attain the wellness level they desire and receive the focused care they deserve. Read on to learn how holistic care can help you too.


Just what is holistic care?

Holistic medical care combines the best of ancient ways with modern medicine. As a philosophical approach, holistic medicine considers the entire patient as a person with spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs. Each need impacts the other and work together as an integrated whole.


What might holistic care include?

As your primary care doctor in Greenwood Village, Dr. Floyd Russak will review your medical history, surgeries, medications, and other aspects of your physical health. Just as importantly, he'll consider how your chronic conditions and acute illnesses impact your daily life and where they find their origins.

For instance, if you experience chronic headaches, you may or may not need medication. Dr. Russak will uncover the source of your pain and then help you modify your eating habits, reduce your stress, or change other lifestyle elements.

Additionally, Dr. Russak values patient input and self-care. He'll work with you to achieve optimal wellness and let you be the driver on the road to balanced physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions. Holistic care is not just about treatment. It encompasses preventive health services and long-term strategies for successful aging, family interactions, medication management, at-home monitoring of diabetes, asthma, arthritis, hypertension, chronic pain, depression, sexual health, and more.


Learn more

Holistic care truly is a blessing. If you'd like to learn more about it, contact Russak Personalized Medicine today for a consultation with your primary care doctor, Dr. Floyd Russak. Expect a prompt, respectful, no-rush visit focused on the whole you. Phone (303) 221-6797 today!

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